speculative mask

This xp-essay is a collection of images that Picture the theme of how to work the design process from different modes of experience, and how to relate to technology from a speculative position. Tangible and replicable objects can be containers for cross experiences that reflect a work methodology in their final form. In this contribution, images make visible different ways of relating to the world through linking: documented ideas, apparently fleeting moments, participatory actions, nature, co-creation practices or unsolved prototypes. An intersubjectivization that becomes a space-time moodboard and that ends up being defined in this case, paradoxically, in a mask that hides our identity from facial recognition technology. This proposal aims to use images as an inherent experiential part of the act of design itself. An alternative perspective on design practices that broadens our field of work and shows us its enormous potential to project new realities.
  Archive Works (selection)